Mexican Foodssssss

You don’t even want to get me started on Mexican food.. Everything about it is so great. Whenever i go to a Mexican restaurant I always love ordering their rice and beans as a side because they are so dank. I’d have to say my most favorite dishes are enchiladas and tamales. The enchiladas are fantastic soaked in the green sauce with a crap ton of cheese on top. In a small bowl you take cream of chicken soup and mix it with the sour cream; set aside for later. In a medium sized sauce pan you melt your margarine, add your onions and chili powder, and saute until tender. After it is pretty nice and tender you stir in the shredded chicken, chile peppers, and two tablespoons of the soup and sour cream mixture. Continue to cook and stir until the mixture is all the way heated through. While you’re waiting for the mixture to heat all the way through you can prepare everything else, like taking one half cup of the soup and sour cream mixture and spreading it throughout a 9×13 inch baking dish. When the mixture is evenly spread throughout the pan you can move onto spooning the chicken mixture down the middle of each tortilla. Do this for as many tortillas will fit into the pan. Roll up the tortillas placing each one into the pan, and pour the rest of the soup and sour cream mixture on top of all of the enchiladas (you can add the green sauce or the the red sauce if you prefer). After all of that you can continue by spreading a crap ton of cheese over the top of the whole thing and popping that bad mofo into the oven. Backe until cheese is brown on top. Take er’ out and enjoy!!!!!

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Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake

This is going exactly how you think it’s going to go. Let me just tell you that this is the dankest thing my pallet has ever tasted.. (obviously dank isn’t actually the term supposed to be used here, but it’s teen lingo.) So here’s how it goes down.. You take the cinnamon rolls and press them down into the bottom of the pan, so instead of graham cracker crumbs there are squished cinnamon rolls. You make the cheesecake as you would normally, and put er in the oven. After the cheesecake is done cooking and stuff you take er out and then you put that cinnamon roll crap on top of the cheesecake. As soon as you’re done putting the cinnamon roll topping on top, then you pop er into the fridge. Let me just tell you it is so worth experimenting and trying to make. It is absolutely amazing.

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Doritos Chicken

Just recently I came across this video on Facebook that showed me how to make deep fried Doritos covered chickens…DEEP FRIED DORITOS COVERED CHICKENS ALRIGHT? So of course being the food lover I am, my friend and I made them this weekend. They were a gift sent from the gods, I swear. So we took chickens, cut them up into smaller chickens, rubbed them in their own babies, covered them in flour, put them back into their babies again, and then coated them in doritos. After all of that crap we threw them in the deep fryer for about 5-6 minutes. We took them out of the fryer and basically tried them right away. They were burnt.. So we took the rest of the chickens covered in doritos and put them on a baking sheet and popped them into the oven. They turned out so much better than in the deep fryer. To be honest I think we might have gotten the oils way too hot. At some point, of course, we ran out of doritos so we just covered them in eggs and flour and threw them on a pan.. DANK.Image result for doritos chickens

About me!!

We are forced to create a blog for Digital Media and Design. Of course, if you keep up, you may realize that last year we did the same thing and I’m just continuing along with mine. I enjoy food just as much as the next person and that is what i will be blogging about. A little more about me: My favorite color is purple, I prefer dogs over cats but love cats because they are independent, My favorite class is Gravilles (which is the class I’m doing this bullcrap for) and math, My best friend is my boyfriend because my ex best friend is a backstabbing whore, My hobbies include sleep and eating and smoking the reefer (jk), I watch a lot of Netflix (typical), and I will be 18 October 8th. When I graduate i plan to go to college for cosmetology, and maybe business. That’s all I really feel like disclosing sooooo.. Now you basically know my whole life because there’s not much that goes on with me. This is my senior year in Sweet Home High School and my name is Kyra Samson.


There are so many different ways to prepare a cake . Of course cake is the greatest thing to ever come onto the face of the earth, but somehow some people don’t really like it, and i think they’re insane and should be medicated. There are so many different kinds of cake that you could enjoy. I only wish i could name all of them off without wasting your time. Cakes best friend is ice cream and i think that’s how you should enjoy it. While eating your cake you have that something dairy that you need to wash it down with, which, of course, is the ice cream. I’d have to say that chocolate and red velvet cake are my favorites…but then again it is so hard to pick a favorite, because all cake is so amazing. The greatest component to a cake is, of course, the frosting, or glaze. Which ever you prefer it is absolutely fantastic. If i could eat cake every other day i totally would and i wouldn’t even be sorry.



Cows are a multipurpose animal. They are used for many purposes including food, armor (in the olden days), and milk. They are hamburgers and steak. They are leather and they are something to drink (not literally, but you feel). Milk can be used for so many things. It is used for many different foods including cake, brownies, cookies, pastas, and a lot of other different foods. Their meat is very nice and very dank. Their leather is very useful, from clothes to even accessories like purses and shoes. They are very sweet animals and are very great tasting. If cows weren’t around we wouldn’t have a lot of things, like this jacket I’m wearing, or your shoes, or your dinner. I think almost everybody can be very thankful that cows are a thing. You can enjoy eating them, wearing them, or just enjoy them in general (if you’re a vegan).  cows


Spaghetti is a dish that can easily and quickly be made for the family at dinner time. It most definitely isn’t for everyone, but you really just have to find the right recipe and the right seasonings to make this dish spectacular. I know when i was little i hated spaghetti, but somehow grew to like it. Everybody knows that a good side to spaghetti is always going to be garlic bread. Garlic bread is a great side to almost every pasta dish. Of course that is getting a little off topic because we were originally talking about spaghetti and then started talking about a bread, but it goes with it so it isn’t too off topic. Families like to make it as a simple yet filling dinner, but others like to make it seem fancy and something that isn’t always prepared, or in other words, rarely made. SCABETTI.12-sbarro-spaghetti-meatballs


Chicken can be prepared in many ways. It can be deep fried, baked, cooked on a pan, and many different more ways. It, quite honestly, is a really easy great dinner that the whole family can enjoy, unless you’re allergic to chicken and you die then you can’t enjoy it because you’re allergic and dead, but that’s okay because more chicken for the rest of us who aren’t allergic to it and won’t die:D fried chicken is probably my favorite because of the outer skin that it really nice and crunchy. I don’t very much enjoy the fact that i have to eat it with my hands, but it is so good. Chicken with dill on it is utterly fantastic, and should be eaten a lot, but not too much to where you get tired of it. chicken


You can find bread anywhere. From french bread to Amish bread, it’s all pretty awesome. Though it might not be the best for you, it’s okay… Bread tastes good and you should be able to eat whatever you want without feeling ashamed of yourself because you weigh like 200 pounds and you’re only a 5 foot 1 inch teenage girl… That’s besides the point though because we are here to talk about bread, not being overweight. The best bread is always very squishy and warm. Fresh out of the oven bread sounds good right about now. The best bread i have ever eaten was this certain type of pretzel bread that tastes like you would dip it in melted cheese and enjoy in large amounts. The pretzel bread tasted exactly like a pretzel you would get at a festival or carnival of some kind. It is honestly so amazing that you can’t eat just one. I am honestly so glad that bread is a thing because without bread i would probably combust. I thank who ever is in higher power that bread is an actual thing. BREAD.bread


So this isn’t really my typical blog, but oh well… There’s been a lot of drama going on lately with me and it’s honestly the only thing on my mind right now. If you have an issue with someone, address it. Don’t send your little sister after someone when you guys have beef. It’s childish, and not to mention, it isn’t anyone elses business. Don’t be a little bitch and hide behind your little sister. Face the problem yourself… Don’t be a pussy. Don’t get in the middle of other people’s drama. Don’t force yourself in the middle because you’re beyond butthurt that you’re not the center of attention anymore. Just because you and your boyfriend broke up doesn’t mean you need to take it out on everyone else and make it everyone elses problem. Just because you broke up and he went and had SEXUAL INTERCOURSE WITH SOME OTHER BITCH DOESN’T MEAN YOU NEED TO GET MAD AT HIS BEST FRIEND… You honestly could die and he wouldn’t care and less than he already does because you’re a CRAZY PSYCHOTIC BITCH WHO CAN’T STOP CRYING ABOUT HER UGLY PROBLEMS… stop being a little girls… rant over.