Pizza Places

These days there are tons of pizza places all around you. Of course different places have different joints, and some joints are in certain places and not in others. For example, the town that I live in we have a pizza spot called Spalettos, which actually has really tasty pizzas. In 1897 an Italian immigrant came to America and started Americas first pizza joint, which was licensed in 1905 by the city of New York. He called it Lombardi’s Pizza. Here you can see some of the first pizza places, and their histories, if you’re interested in investigating different pizzerias. Everything about pizza is perfect, except for the pineapple. Honestly pizza is perfect at anytime in the day. Breakfast? Pizza. Snack? Pizza. Lunch? Pizza. Dinner? Pizza. This is probably one of the greatest things brought over to us by one of the many cultures around the world.

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