Sushi was originated in Japan ans brought over here, as other foods from other places usually are. It is usually prepared with raw fish and a variety of different fruits, and vegetables. People often serve is with pickled ginger (to clear your taste pallet), Wasabi (for a little spice), and soy sauce.  Some don’t really know how they feel about the raw fish that is in/on the sushi, but it doesn’t have to be raw. You can ask for it to be cooked, and prepared however you want. When i first tried the raw fish on top of sushi the first piece i ate was alright, but when i ate that second piece i wanted to spit it out. For some it’s just an issue with texture, but others it’s the taste of the raw fish itself. If you don’t know if you like it with or without raw fish you will have to just test the waters, and see first hand. Nobody can really tell you what it tastes like, or what it feels like. No one can tell you whether you like it or not. It is most definitely amazing, though.sushi

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