You can find bread anywhere. From french bread to Amish bread, it’s all pretty awesome. Though it might not be the best for you, it’s okay… Bread tastes good and you should be able to eat whatever you want without feeling ashamed of yourself because you weigh like 200 pounds and you’re only a 5 foot 1 inch teenage girl… That’s besides the point though because we are here to talk about bread, not being overweight. The best bread is always very squishy and warm. Fresh out of the oven bread sounds good right about now. The best bread i have ever eaten was this certain type of pretzel bread that tastes like you would dip it in melted cheese and enjoy in large amounts. The pretzel bread tasted exactly like a pretzel you would get at a festival or carnival of some kind. It is honestly so amazing that you can’t eat just one. I am honestly so glad that bread is a thing because without bread i would probably combust. I thank who ever is in higher power that bread is an actual thing. BREAD.bread

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