Spaghetti is a dish that can easily and quickly be made for the family at dinner time. It most definitely isn’t for everyone, but you really just have to find the right recipe and the right seasonings to make this dish spectacular. I know when i was little i hated spaghetti, but somehow grew to like it. Everybody knows that a good side to spaghetti is always going to be garlic bread. Garlic bread is a great side to almost every pasta dish. Of course that is getting a little off topic because we were originally talking about spaghetti and then started talking about a bread, but it goes with it so it isn’t too off topic. Families like to make it as a simple yet filling dinner, but others like to make it seem fancy and something that isn’t always prepared, or in other words, rarely made. SCABETTI.12-sbarro-spaghetti-meatballs

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