Cows are a multipurpose animal. They are used for many purposes including food, armor (in the olden days), and milk. They are hamburgers and steak. They are leather and they are something to drink (not literally, but you feel). Milk can be used for so many things. It is used for many different foods including cake, brownies, cookies, pastas, and a lot of other different foods. Their meat is very nice and very dank. Their leather is very useful, from clothes to even accessories like purses and shoes. They are very sweet animals and are very great tasting. If cows weren’t around we wouldn’t have a lot of things, like this jacket I’m wearing, or your shoes, or your dinner. I think almost everybody can be very thankful that cows are a thing. You can enjoy eating them, wearing them, or just enjoy them in general (if you’re a vegan).  cows

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