There are so many different ways to prepare a cake . Of course cake is the greatest thing to ever come onto the face of the earth, but somehow some people don’t really like it, and i think they’re insane and should be medicated. There are so many different kinds of cake that you could enjoy. I only wish i could name all of them off without wasting your time. Cakes best friend is ice cream and i think that’s how you should enjoy it. While eating your cake you have that something dairy that you need to wash it down with, which, of course, is the ice cream. I’d have to say that chocolate and red velvet cake are my favorites…but then again it is so hard to pick a favorite, because all cake is so amazing. The greatest component to a cake is, of course, the frosting, or glaze. Which ever you prefer it is absolutely fantastic. If i could eat cake every other day i totally would and i wouldn’t even be sorry.


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