About me!!

We are forced to create a blog for Digital Media and Design. Of course, if you keep up, you may realize that last year we did the same thing and I’m just continuing along with mine. I enjoy food just as much as the next person and that is what i will be blogging about. A little more about me: My favorite color is purple, I prefer dogs over cats but love cats because they are independent, My favorite class is Gravilles (which is the class I’m doing this bullcrap for) and math, My best friend is my boyfriend because my ex best friend is a backstabbing whore, My hobbies include sleep and eating and smoking the reefer (jk), I watch a lot of Netflix (typical), and I will be 18 October 8th. When I graduate i plan to go to college for cosmetology, and maybe business. That’s all I really feel like disclosing sooooo.. Now you basically know my whole life because there’s not much that goes on with me. This is my senior year in Sweet Home High School and my name is Kyra Samson.

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