Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake

This is going exactly how you think it’s going to go. Let me just tell you that this is the dankest thing my pallet has ever tasted.. (obviously dank isn’t actually the term supposed to be used here, but it’s teen lingo.) So here’s how it goes down.. You take the cinnamon rolls and press them down into the bottom of the pan, so instead of graham cracker crumbs there are squished cinnamon rolls. You make the cheesecake as you would normally, and put er in the oven. After the cheesecake is done cooking and stuff you take er out and then you put that cinnamon roll crap on top of the cheesecake. As soon as you’re done putting the cinnamon roll topping on top, then you pop er into the fridge. Let me just tell you it is so worth experimenting and trying to make. It is absolutely amazing.

Image result for cinnamon roll cheesecake

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